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The Largest Collection of Indian Classical Musical Instruments!

About Us

Musical Bazaar has been manufacturing and selling very high quality Indian Musical Instruments since 1999. We are different than the regular makers who only look at price. Quality is our foremost concern. We make sure that before you item is shipped it's thoroughly inspected for various quality checks. It's then packaged with extreme care so that it reaches you safely and in perfect condition.

We sell various brands like Sanskriti, BINA Harmoniums, Monoj Kumar Sardar, Paul & Co. Harmoniums, Haridas Vhatkar, Kanailal, Paloma, Mukta Das, Rikhiram Sitars, Hemen Sarod, Swarup Harmoniums and Swarmandals, Pritam Singh Sarangi, Akbar Miyan & Bros. and various others. Please contact us and let us know if there is a specific instrument you would like which is not listed on the website.